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YU women express femininity, sensuality and above all a supreme sense of individuality. Her identity is the primary inspiration influencing my design aesthetic.

My cut, fit and fabrication infuses the wearer with the energy and power to transform.

Graduating from ESMOD JAPON in 1998 I worked for SANYO SHOKAI,World KK on international brands incuding Paul Stuart and Burberry Blue Label.

Relocating from Tokyo to Australia has allowed me the creative freedom to continually explore and challenge myself. It is difficult for me to describe my own work because I am so close to it, but if I have to it is clearly for my tailoring. Sharp lines are balanced by highly technical cutting to accentuate the feminine silhouette. Fabrication is also extremely crucial, I am constantly searching out the touch and feel of fabrics.

My goal is to create a unique brand that is a blend of Japanese techniques and manufacturing, superior quality and universal appreciation for good design.


Yu Konishi


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